PFC Catalyst

PFC Catalyst

  • Advantages
  • Non-flammable, desorbing gas, no generation gas, no germs, Non-toxic, non-hazardous, high handling capacity, strong
  • Target Contaminants
  • CF4 , C3H6 , C2F6 , C3F8 , C4F6 , C4F8 , C5F8 , SF6 , NF3....
  • Product Features
  • PFC Catalysts are made in gal form using binders of ceramic, metal oxide and alkali metal.

    PFC Catalyst uses PFC gas semi-permanently, so it has excellent performance and can be used for a long time.

    And excellent performance even when the surface speed (linear speed) is large.

    PFC Catalyst has developed pore distribution and surface area, and it shows the best treatment efficiency even at low concentration when surface speed is large.

  • Principle of treatment of PFC gas
  • CF₄ = 3CF₄+ 4Me(OH)₃  2MeO₃+ 12HF + 3CO₂
Moisture (%) Strength (kgf/cm²) Density (g/cc) Particle (mm) Surface (m²/g) Volume (cc/g) Differential pressure (mmAq)
5 max 6 0.8 3 - 5 223 0.6 16.2